Monday, August 18, 2008

"I love it when you two impersonate earthlings."

Doing absolutely nothing for my case of convincing my loved ones that my sanity is in tact after a "Bones"-centric spring and summer, I started rewatching Season 1. Holy crap, this is such a great show. It's almost frustrating, even aside from how Season 3 ended. Because "Bones" makes everything else on TV look like crap in comparison.

The script I've written for Operation: Zackplanation has been registered with the WGA and will be unleashed on the Interwebs August 27th, one week from Wednesday. In between will be an announcement on Searching Bones and a podcast soon after the release. Wendy and I will be letting you in on some information beforehand, but since we really want them read, we're not letting on too much. I've gotten excellent feedback from my friends on mine, and I've also read Wendy's - and they are insanely different! I really think fans of the show will be psyched for this.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned, I've been defending my mental state all summer. Yeah, I got so affected by a whackadoo storyline on a TV show that I spent my summer outlining, writing, rewriting, researching and - literally - going back to school to write this script. But I'm not gonna front - it's been fun.

And I'm so glad it's over.

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