Sunday, August 10, 2008

A puffer? For me?

So, all the feeling like crap last weekend was manageable until about Thursday, when I officially developed a barking cough. I skipped my class in favor of sleeping, thinking I would go to the doctor in the morning and go to work.

Yeah, didn't happen. Friday morning I woke up and could barely breathe. And the barking cough remained. So, that would be bronchitis, which I don't think I've had since I was a kid. But my throat from Thursday into Friday actually felt like someone was wringing my neck. I was issued a real live inhaler, antibiotics and cough medicine to go with the decongestants and Tylenol I was already downing. Now, none of these things alone will put your head in a fog, but all put together? And sick already? I basically slept all day Friday and Saturday. (And never used the inhaler. But Friday morning I totally would have.)

But today I was feeling good enough to shoot a movie for my buddy James, which is a really good thing because it had already been delayed for two months. So I got to have scary zombie makeup and corn syrup splattered all over me and then pretty much just walk across James' lawn and try to make him cry. Awesome.

And I'm putting finishing touches on my "Bones" script, on which I've gotten no feedback on the thing as a whole, but will be getting some tonight from my friend Jake and hopefully some more from others by tomorrow.

And by "getting some" I meant feedback.

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