Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Draft 1 Finished! Also, I'm seriously a mess.

Can I tell you about my weekend for a second?

Friday night, I attended a screening for the Ghouligans, a comedy venture created by my good friend Mike. I usually don't go out on Friday nights because I'm most likely dead tired. I did this time, and I probably should have stayed home, except we had a great time and I would have regretted missing it a lot.

Saturday morning, I was awakened by the worst charley horse EVER. I honestly wanted to gnaw my own leg off with my teeth and be done with it, and it even made me sob and verbalize. It ended up leaving behind an entire yanked calf that had me limping like House. Meanwhile, I was morning-phlegmmier than usual and had a wicked headache.

So, I was off to a great start.

Then, I went to pick up the wig I was going to wear to play Lilly in my friend's new show "PB&J." I was told immediately that I was the perfect candidate for extensions, that my hair was doing nothing for me, that my hair was basically crap and going gray...

We were also holding a Slacker TV BBQ at a beach park that day. It was thundering when I got home, then it started pouring rain. The outdoor BBQ in the tree/lightening rod-filled picnic area was ON! I went. I felt like crap, but I went. The rain stopped as soon as we finished building a rain shelter, and by then I had progressed to feeling like shit. But I got to murder a crippled CD player:

Jamie Smashes CD Player (Slacker TV BBQ '08)

Then I went home and fell asleep with my Zacksplanation script open, unfinished and taunting. I finally finished that sucker after dinner - 62 pages. Just slightly overlong, but officially the first full-length script I had completed in ten years. I'll be editing that tonight and Wendy and I will soon unleash these things on the "Bones" fan community.

Not over yet!

Sunday I woke up with a full-blown cold - sore throat, clogged nose, weird, awful buzzy headache. But we had a shoot in Brooklyn for "PB&J"! No way was I missing my first day as Lilly, plus we were going to Coney Island, the day was gorgeous, and I had no lines, so there was no reason to slack off this time. The day was awesome. I came home and fell asleep at 11:00 and slept clean through my alarm the next morning. I had also stubbed my toe so bad during the shoot that it looked like someone tried to torture it, but you can't even tell on camera. But then my co-star Jaime and I went on an amazing journey throughout the Prospect Park area of Brooklyn looking for an open pharmacy - on a Sunday. Oops.

That was my weekend. It rocked. I was pumped the whole time for other reasons, but it was really a great, awesome time.

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Blogger Lauren J. Rivera said...

It's amazing you don't come with a warning label that says "WARNING! Cannot be defeated, don't even bother!"

1:58 AM  

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