Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Asshole of the Day!

In writing my script for Operation: Zacksplanation, I have been running scared from the scientific aspects about which I have only very crude knowledge. Wendy was kind enough to point me to a directory of registered forensic anthropologists that included email addresses for pretty much all of them. At the bottom of the page was an option to send an email to everyone on the list, plus a fun graphic of a skeleton and the apparent promise that "someone will bite!"

I sent an email this morning, explaining that while I can't pay them, and I know they have much more pressing things to do with their time (such as being a forensic anthropologist) than help me with my fan-fic-gone-too-far, some technical advice would be really swell. I always worry a bit when I send emails like this because who am I to ask these accomplished people to spare schmucky little me some of their time and wisdom? I have no credibility, and there's no reason to respond to such a request. But I'm told again and again, the worst that could happen is they say "no."

Well, one of them flat-out scolded me for even asking:

Do you expect busy forensic anthropologists to set aside their time for your projects? Most of us work 65 - 80 hour weeks. And you offer this proposal without any comment about what you plan to pay these experts within their different research areas of forensic anthropology? Please think again about your expectations. Do you request these favors from physicians, military officers, business men and women, school teachers and other persons devoting their lives to their professions and for whom time is a critical factor?

For one thing, the subject line was "(Unpaid) Consulting for 'Bones' fan script," so that was pretty clear right off the bat. For another, I made it clear in my email that I know they have rather important jobs. And for yet another thing, I have contacted several people asking for technical advice and they actually have obliged and provided me very useful information. (Even when I would tell them what I was working on may never be published.)

And if his time is so fucking precious, why didn't he just delete my email and be done with it? He seemed to have plenty of time to condescend to me. Douchebag.

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Blogger KPinSEA said...

Sleep deprivation must make some of them cranky.

6:04 PM  

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