Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yay! I didn't sound that pretentious! My "Bones" interview

I use a lot of big words when I write and speak, so sometimes I feel like I come off as a rather pretentious bitch. But I just listened to the interview I conducted with the unofficial official podcast for my favorite show "Bones" - the Bonecast - and I didn't sound that stupid! So click here to listen to my interview and the rest of the podcast to see what's going on This Week in "Bones." The hosts are Lindsey, who runs the Anti-Boneyard and Wendy, who runs Obsessed With Bones and also happens to be my writing partner in Operation: Zacksplanation, the script project we are writing for fans of the show who were displeased with the season finale. We have starkly different theories, mainly whether or not Zack could kill and why or why not, respectively. My story stems from this obscenely long post that I wrote a few days post-finale. (Seriously, only the brave and eyestrain-immune need enter. I may have snapped the tiniest bit that day. I can tell you that for real, I couldn't cry for a month afterwards.)

So take a listen and see what you think. Namely, how bad my accent is. I'm competing with a Canadian and a Southerner, so it's quite a crew.

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