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How I became a "Bones" fan and then had my heart ripped out of my chest.

I just finished listening to the "Bones" podcast on Wendy's domain-a-rific Obsessed With Bones blog, which is recorded by Wendy and the Anti-Boneyard's Lindsey following the Monday night broadcast of the show. As I have been mentioning, I have an acting class Monday and Thursday nights, but this week was especially frustrating since "The Boy in the Time Capsule" was one of three episodes that was new to me.

I will never forget the cracked-out moment when I had watched Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD, then, like a junkie, went straight to my computer and watched the first six episodes of Season 3. Then, I remembered that despite being unemployed at the time, I had a life to live. I'll watch the last three episodes the next day. The next day...

...they were gone. Wow. I cannot describe the helplessness that I felt. I may have gotten the junkie shakes. All this as the show was coming back from the strike, I was just learning about all these amazing characters and their stories - and now I had to wait for new episodes to air like everyone else. I ended up having to express myself in writing, and thus, my first Entertainment blog on Huffington Post was born.

Then came the spoilers. And they were all about my favorite character, Zack. Why had Zack become my favorite character? Well, if you don't mind me narcissistically linking to all of my own blogs, it was the Egon Factor. I like the intellectuals, the quirky ones, the nerds. Zack and Hodgins had the funniest lines, but Zack was the unexpectedly funny one. He was funny because he was always unintentionally funny - honest. So, imagine my concern when all the spoilers come out, and they're all about Zack. And they're talking about looking for a new forensic anthropologist. And Eric Millegan is not on the Season 4 cast list. What's up with that? So, I asked him, and he obviously couldn't answer me, but he was able to tell me that not being able to tell people was "horrible." (By the way, Entertainment Weekly seemed to have found my article so compelling that they wrote their own version all but two weeks later. I'm not as mad as I am frustrated that they should really just hire me.)

Anyway, with all the Gormogon speculation abound, I kind of had no idea what they were talking about. I'd seen "The Widow's Son in the Windshield" and "The Intern in the Incinerator," but not "The Knight on the Grid." And for some reason, the former two didn't get me all riled up about Gormogon, except when Hodgins at some point brought up the Armin Meiwes case, better known as the German cannibal who advertised in the paper for a "dinner guest." (Best line by Zack: "Someone responded to the ad?" As in, sure, cannibalism is weird, advertising for a victim is weird, but someone actually responding is all kinds of fucked up. I like when Zack jumps to a few logical steps ahead, but also how he will stay on discussions that ended five minutes ago. Like the beets in "The Baby in the Bough.") That case is part of every ethics 101 class offered in every university everywhere. And it's fascinating.

By the way, I will be reposting that article on the cannibal with running commentary as soon as humanly possible. It's kind of hilarious.

And also, by the way, Zack was grossed out by that. He said, "That's disturbing." I'm just saying.

So you can probably predict that when the season 3 finale finally rolled around, I wasn't too thrilled. Which is why I'm now having serious angst over a spec script that explains the whole experience away.

But in other news, "The Boy in the Time Capsule" was one of my favorite episodes ever. Because I was a nerd back in the day, and this was all about sad nerds. The victim was a nerd, one of his friends was a nerd, and as it turns out, Brennan and all the squints were also nerds. And while I'm adamantly against Booth and Brennan hooking up, there were some really, really sweet moments between them in this episode. I loved the squints turning the tables and making fun of Booth for being "one of those guys" (the jock), especially Hodgins' revenge (and comments about learning anatomy from Barbie: "I was so confused for years"). But I could relate to Brennan being humiliated by a guy in school for being "brainy." I wasn't, but I was a drama geek. More freaky than brainy. And Booth's move at the end - and his attempts to give Brennan a humiliating story of his own throughout - were just what a former nerd wants to hear.

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Blogger Wendy said...

Ah-ha! So that article, which happens to be the one of the first things I ever read about Bones, was your first on it? That's so funny.

I have such a similar story for Bones addiction. I found it on Hulu, in February...ish, when they had a scattering of Season 1 and all the Season 3 episodes that had been shown prior to the strike. I watched everything they had. Then a week or two later they added the entirety of Season 1. I watched it all, then season 3 again, then needing the full fix got my hands on Season 2 and watched it. I think I'll stop there because my god...the number of times I've watched through the series now is rather frightening. Then there was this blog, and well...on we go!

I'm glad you're getting to see the episodes you couldn't before. You definitely missed out on some good ones. I'm disappointed in what you say here about the Booth/Brennan moments in this episode, at least the last one. You know you wanted it! Even the hardcore Romantically Autistic can occasionally fall off the wagon and root for the couple!

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your description of watching Bones like a junkie. I did the same thing! I started watching during the writers' strike (crappy internet copies that didn't play well) and got addicted quickly. I bought all the DVDs and watched them much faster than I care to admit. I kept telling myself that I would have to wait for the show to come back from the strike, but I couldn't resist buying S3 episodes on Amazon (just one... okay, maybe two...) until I had bought them all.

I don't know how you survived losing those episodes. I think I would have been committed. There is something about this show that makes viewers go a little nutty. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with this addiction. Perhaps we should start some kind of support group. Hi, I'm Jess and I'm a Bones addict. :)

8:58 PM  

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