Saturday, July 12, 2008


One of the few pitfalls I've found of having a full-time job plus a busy extra-curricular schedule that requires a looooong commute via car (as opposed to concentration-free public transportation) is that I don't get many chances to watch the news. As a result, I almost completely missed the Jesse Jackson "nuts" fun and the prudish mainstream media's attempts to dance around a word I've heard first-graders say since I was a first-grader myself. Jesse Jackson said "nuts"! He was referring to Barack Obama's testicles! Heavens to betsy! That's why, this morning, I thank Huffington Post's Roy Sekoff for just fucking saying it.

Also, my thoughts are with the family of former White House Press Secretary and Fox News commentator Tony Snow, who passed away this morning after what was truly a well-fought battle with cancer. Say what you will about his conservative leanings, opinions and support - he was well-liked by the press, and by me. He was a guy with a young family and a legitimate editorial and intellectual background, so even if you didn't like what he was saying, he knew what he was talking about. I wanted him to win, but he really never let his illness get the better of him. He continued to work and proved to all of us that a serious cancer diagnosis does not mean an automatic end to your livelihood. I liked Tony Snow, and I will miss his commentary. He was great opposition research.

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