Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Getting fingers to keys is the goal of the day.

I haven't talked about my writing ventures much lately, especially the really cool, semi-obsessive "Bones" project I'm doing with Wendy from Obsessed With Bones. We were both kind of disappointed in the season finale this year (probably me more than her, as demonstrated in the "Windbagger") As a result, we both came up with different (very different) theories on what went wrong with Zack Addy (Eric Millegan) that caused him to join forces with a cannibalistic serial killer. True - the logical argument was a premise that Zack could support: Killing those who would do harm to preserve the human experience as a whole. But actually following through and committing murder? Wendy believes it's possible, I do not. She's taking a psychological perspective, I'm subscribing to a cocktail of PTSD, Asperger's and forensic linguistics.

We've been emailing back and forth on our progress, our setbacks, our trepidations, and the parts of which we're the most proud. Both of us really like our stories. Now, with a July 31st deadline looming, it's a matter of execution. I expressed this morning that I feel like I'm not writing enough in character, that my "dialogue" so far is more what I want them to talk about and not what these characters would actually say. I also have a lot of expository dialogue, and it's going to be a challenge to "show" and not "tell." In a procedural drama, I would think there's a bit of leeway with this, but I'm not going to put crap out there. I feel like this is the ultimate exercise in screenwriting by getting inside the heads of existing characters, and holy crap, what if the impossible happens and someone involved with "Bones" actually reads it? I mean, it's always possible, right?

Either way, I'll be posting on it more as the deadline nears.

In the meantime, keep reading!

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