Monday, May 19, 2008

My "violent" reactions, in semi-real time.

So, I may have a bit more of an audience than I thought, thanks to those of you kind enough to follow the link to my humble digital abode. Thanks bunches, and I hope I don't disappoint!

7:54 PM: Watching the end of "Hardball" on MSNBC. I realized last week why I love the squints on "Bones" so much, especially Zack. Since I was eight years old, I have harbored a massive crush on Egon Spengler from "Ghostbusters," to say nothing of my love for Peter Venkman, Ray Stanz and Winston Zedmore. But I've definitely come to the conclusion that Zack Addy is the second coming of Egon Spengler. Jack Hodgins is the second coming of Peter Venkman. That is why I love them.

That said, I am totally calling Zack as Gormagon's apprentice based on what Hart Hanson says in this.

8:01: Angela's making me weepy, but this is the most unsuspenseful non-death ever. Oh, and who's manly jaw is that?Whoooo! Funniest funeral ever!

8:04: I'd really like to drop-kick Sweets. Off to a rousing start, and I really enjoyed seeing Bones deck Booth for making her worry so darn much. Does this mean I get to do the same thing to Eric Millegan? Wow, didn't realize how ornery I was. Maybe still so from the jackhammer-sized woodpecker pounding away on my gutter at 6:30 yesterday morning when I already had a huuuuuge headache? Maybe so, maybe so...

8:10: Wow, Booth in a tub, with a beer helmet and a cigar. And she's still mad! I am also refreshed by his lack of modesty. And oh, please and thank you, another Hodgins-Addy experiment, but I think this is when Zack gets blown up again...bad. Aww, they are both so cute.

8:14: Holy crap!Are his hands freaking GONE??

8:16: That is incredibly upsetting, and there are so many things to read into...why was he really so insistent about the order in which he was handed those things? Damnit. He totally did that on purpose. By the way, how have we gone three years without someone singing "Addy are you okay/Are you okay Addy" to the tune of "Smooth Criminal"? Maybe we never had a reason until now. "Addy are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay Addy?"

8:22: Yeah, bust his chops, Hodgins. Bust his chops, Booth! Hmmm - are they playing up sympathy towards Zack and away from Sweets for a reason? Would Zack really cripple himself and risk his career to support Gormagon though?

8:26: Booth is going pie-less. And Sweets has a profile? And Dr. Hodgins is Gormagon, huh? And Cam thinks it's Sweets. This is getting to be as fun and wild as the IMDB and Fox boards! But who are they not suspecting? The one who 'sploded. Because he's hurt, and they love him. I'll tell you, there's just too much speculation that Zack is involved that it just wouldn't be a shock if I was right about him being the apprentice. Boooooo, Hart Hanson! Boooooo! (No hard feelings though.)

8:35: That's it - Zack lives in the apartment above Hodgins' garage. That's where the jaw was boiled. This Sweets thing is bogus.

8:37: Everyone is scared of everyone! And again, "something we would do" to bones? Who is Zack? One of us! My question is "how and why"? But I guess we'll find out in 21 minutes. 8:39.

8:47: Oh, my god. I really, really wish this wasn't happening. We know Zack's not Gormagon, but he totally had access to those teeth. There are 13 minutes left and this could somehow turn around, and I have to think that this can't be as simple as it looks. No way we could have this solved this soon before the ending. Maybe I'm wrong...and who the fuck is texting me during "Bones"???

9:04: Well, I'm fucking devastated. I really, really did not want to believe that could happen, and I really didn't want to be Queen of the Lab on this one. But I hand it to Eric Millegan - I didn't think I would ever cry over someone confessing to helping a serial killer, killing someone himself, covering it up, betraying his friends, and I was sitting here damn near sobbing. Can he please be reverse-brainwashed? Please?


Blogger clockwork9 said...

Hello Jamie!

Just wanted to say hi and wish you fun and thrills for your Bones viewing. Was going to be very clever and throw out some kind of boner/boning/bone-fest joke but imagined you'd have heard most of them already.

Anyway, since I've still not got around to watching a single episode (sorry!) I probably shouldn't be reading any of this, should I?

What's a Gormagon? ;)

(British) Chris

8:45 PM  
Blogger Amanda Pina said...


I don't like this end. I'd prefer dr Sweets was the guy (the aprentice) but Zack.. come on!

The best parts for me...
1-Bones in Booth bathroom
2-Camile scare about Hodgins

The beginnin, was quite good too. Even we all that Booth was alive.

3:24 PM  

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