Thursday, May 01, 2008

This actually happened.

Holy crap. I know I'm posting late on this, but Paula Abdul flipped her shit and apparently the ad wizards at "American Idol" didn't even bother trying to cover for it. I love it. It totally made up for the fact that it was Neil Diamond Night...zzzzzzzzz...Oh, god. Sorry. But now we get to watch Jason Castro be dumb as a basket of rocks for at least another week. Watch this douchebag with the shiteating grin beat out David Cook and end up competing with the David "Puppy" Archuleta to win this thing. I love it - "American Idol" officially lost its mind this season. And it can't even blame the writers' strike.

In other "This actually happened" news, the DC Madam "killed herself." In future "This actually happened" news, "Made of Honor" came in #1 at the box office.

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