Monday, April 28, 2008

"Dancing phalanges! Dancing phalanges!"

Tonight's "Bones" ("The Baby in the Bough") was, as I predicted, about eight kinds of cute. And also had me officially worshiping at the alter of Deschanel. I swear, Emily Deschanel was so good in this episode that I really won't be able to do her justice in my humble little blog. The woman makes acting look so easy and natural, totally effortless, and the way she has made her character grow over three seasons is just so awesome to watch. Temperence Brennan could probably be classified as a cold fish, but bring up family and things start warming up. Tonight it had her angry at someone, in their face. (And after an IMDb fact/face check, that face was that of Tom Wilson, who played Biff in "Back to the Future.") And in the end it had her welling up. Not crying like some diva looking for an award, just on the verge of showing emotion and holding it in to stay professional and at least trying to be impartial. Trying and kind of failing, but it's hard to not become attached to a baby for whom you've been caring, who ended up being taken care of right away instead of put through a questionable system (like she was). It was such a great performance.

Other fun things after the jump:

*Hodgins (TJ Thyne) indeed had a completely tactless method of turning Angela (Michaela Conlin) off wanting to have a baby - by telling her that he'll love her no matter how "mushy" or "wide" she gets. I was on the couch, icing my back after trying too hard at yoga three weeks ago then complicating matters last week by wearing heels around the city to see Emily's sister Zooey perform at Webster Hall. This made me actually sit up. I had to follow my eyebrows, which were trying to touch the ceiling. Oh, you nasty thing, Hodgins.

*As I said before: Nothing like good-looking men holding babies. David Boreanaz holding a baby, a little, round, smiley, roly-poly baby for nearly a whole episode was like a dream. It was kind of predictable, but I love watching Booth be a Daddy while Bones flounders. And I knew someone was going to get peed on, though I figured that one for my favorite clueless genius, which brings us to...

*Zack mistaking baby talk for orders. "No, no, no..." Click. Awww. Repressed memories? Oh, and nice beet story. It's like you were honestly trying to remember the last time your poop looked like that, and that's pretty damn funny. Zack never, ever gets it. Freaking love it. I sure hope he doesn't die. But if that means I might get to see Eric Millegan on Broadway, I'll consider it a deal.

*And next week: I hear there's a "shocking event," but I'm pretty sure it's not the one they showed in the preview. Why in the world would they do that? But Zack's line sounds extremely sinister out of context: "She knows we're out to destroy them." This is exactly the kind of line that ends up being funny. But we'll see - Hart Hanson seems to be full of surprises!

A last look at the Amazing Deschanels:

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Blogger KPinSEA said...

I practically never read USA Today, and maybe you don't either, and so might have missed the Friday interview with Emily as she does her regular shopping at a farmer's market ...

I was on the 17-hr stretch of flights between Seattle and Singapore, so even USA Today was worth reading .... cover to cover. Enjoy!

10:30 PM  

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