Monday, May 12, 2008

"The other girls and I referred to her as 'rad.'"

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Well, this week's episode of "Bones" is fun despite someone "getting hurt" if you've been reading spoilers. This week's episode, "The Wannabe in the Weeds," featured two former "American Idol" contestants, one of whom is murdered, which I thought would get people flocking like mad to this one. But apparently, Fox doesn't seem to advertise this show as much as it does other shows. Someone should really do something about that.

My thoughts on this one, a very good one, after the jump.

*I really appreciate Ace Young.
*I can't believe that Red Herring #1 killed "Piano Man" like that. As a Long Islander, I'm angry.
*Ace Young's character was treated to a truly heinous and ooky death. Awesome!
*Indeed, Zack (Eric Millegan) shared his secret to being "deceptively strong." And I now want to see how deceptively buff he is. I'd read that phrase on a spoiler site and thought it had to do with his singing abilities, which we knew Millegan possessed, but not Zack. More on that a few points down.
*I just love Dr. Brennan (Emily Deschanel). She's so straightforward and so unable to hide her feelings when they come out in her analysis. Like when she saw Booth (David Boreanaz) "ogling" a gym-goer: "That does not help the investigation."
*Can Brandon Rogers' character sing anything other than the "Pippin" song? Apparently not.
*Red Herring #1 is now butchering the Nickelback song that Ace Young sang just fine, and seemingly auditioning to be the next lead singer of Creed. I hate Creed. Red Herring #1 is so on my shitlist for the Billy Joel thing and the Creed-like behavior.
*Booth doesn't even need that "cocky" belt buckle. He can just throw his FBI weight around with people who have no idea how investigations work. Oh, Booth, please manipulate me any time you want.
*Holy heaven, is that Pam woman creepy.
*Zack Addy Sings! I could have written this scene. It played out exactly how I expected: Zack, out of nowhere, announces he was a singer as a child because his mother thought it would help him socialize. This was unsuccessful, but he won some commendations. And then he demonstrated by belting out "Love is a Many Splendored Thing," causing everyone within earshot (and that was quite a few, considering the acoustics and the good projection on the part of the singer) to wander on in with a "Who the fuck is that...? Holy crap!" face. And then back to work. Awesome. Loved it. Bravo, Eric Millegan!
*Heaven to betsy, is this Pam lady freaking me out! I don't even like guys giving me flowers, a culturally-accepted practice, let alone things meant to be worn on my person. I want to see Bones take her down.
*And she actually does! After Booth takes a bullet meant for her. Awwww...what a guy.

An appropriately shocking ending, even when some of us already know Booth lives, and, in fact, faked this shooting. What's driving me crazy is next week's season finale. The spoilers are so insane that I truly have no clue at all who the serial killer Gormagon is. And I honestly want to be surprised now.

And my next post on "Huffington Post" will be devoted to spoilers, and here's a spoiler about my post on spoilers: I have a quote from someone who knows what happens on the "Bones" season finale! So you will be able to read about how that feels. Hint: not that fun, but kinda fun.


Blogger Amanda Pina said...

I found out about your blog, searching for Hart Hanson information. I readed your Bones posts and I agree with 99% of them. I don't think Bones it's a perfect show, but it's really good.
I'm just waiting for this season finale, I don't want to be desapointed.
P.S. I'm from Sao Paulo - Brazil.

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