Sunday, July 06, 2008

Double-U Review: "Wall-E" and "Wanted"

It was a washout for Will Smith Weekend (aka 4th of July weekend) on the East coast, so I spent my Saturday with my buddies at the movie theater. If you're going to sit on your ass all day, do it while seeing excellent movies.

In short, I loved both "Wanted" and "Wall-E." For those of you who don't like Angelina Jolie, she's actually not all over the movie. She's a key (and good) supporting character, but don't let all the celebrity overshadow a really fun part. The man to watch, however, is James McAvoy.

My friends and I were comparing him (mostly his character) to Topher Grace and Ewan McGregor, and I've decided that I want a boy like McAvoy. Accent optional. In short, he was excellent and kicked a great deal of ass.

What I also thought was interesting was that the premise on which the movie is based is the same exact premise used to write Eric Millegan off of "Bones" - killing those who do harm to preserve the human experience as a whole. Hmm, I wonder if Zack Addy had been killing people alongside Angelina Jolie instead of creepy old Gormagon if we all would have been as upset. But then there's the circular logic-go-round that if a secret society was formed to kill members of secret societies, then, wouldn't they all have to kill themselves?...

See "Wanted."

Then hop into another theater and see "Wall-E."

I've found that people either love or hate this movie. I am a lover. The first half or so of the movie had hardly any dialogue at all, but it couldn't have been any other way, really. Not one for cheesy romantic dialogue myself (especially not since a guy on the subway said he reminded me of the Penguin - "You know, from Batman? Ever see that movie?"), it was really sweet to watch the love story take place sheerly from one party reacting to the other and either becoming more curious, more skeptical, and eventually attracted to each other. It was really cute. I would agree with all the Charlie Chaplin comparisons.

I don't want to say too much about the latter part, except that it's a rude awakening. Pixar was kind enough to show us our descendents' destiny if we continue on the path we're currently travelling. "It's funny cuz it's true" will be your mantra.

I will also say that while "Wall-E" is indeed a four-star movie, the funniest part came courtesy of a kid in the audience who felt compelled to go "Wheeeeee!" when a robot fell from a skyscraper.


I'm going to pray that I make it through this week.

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