Thursday, June 12, 2008

Don't cry out loud...don't worry - I won't.

A caveat: I am not hormonal.

Okay, so the highly emotional dame that I am, I feel like I've been on the verge of tears, like a major crying jag, since the "Bones" finale. Since then, the Muse that is every element of the show has triggered some of the most inspired writing that I've ever done. I've been working on a decent screenplay and I've been piecing together my "Bones" spec script/fan-fic-gone-too-far. (The script of which will go head-to-head with Wendy from Obsessed with Bones!) Plus my buddies are starting to think about some new projects. So there's been an amazing creative insurgence since May 19.

But, as heartbreaking and devastated as I was about the big bad reveal, I simply have not been able to squirt some. That sounds filthy. But I am emotionally constipated. I tried everything, but either I'm too distracted by life - a good thing - or something just has not triggered me yet.

I will venture to predict that I will cry this weekend at my cousin Mike's wedding. Because I'm a woman, I'm single, I will be single forever, and I will be drinking wine. But that's not even real crying. More like a natural thing I would do at a wedding - put on a dress, make myself pretty, get drunk and get weepy. Happens. Every. Time. So I'm not really anticipating the emotional break that I've been seeking.

I've tried everything, even rented "Love Story." Not even a welling. All the NPR stories about the China earthquake and StoryCorps on Fridays? Nothing. I guess I kill puppies for a living, but I just could not cry. And sometimes a girl's gotta just let it roll!

I'll keep all two of you posted.

By the way: Fuck you, David Motari. I hope something terrible happens to you now that you've been kicked out of the military.

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