Sunday, June 15, 2008

HuffPo: My tribute to Tim Russert

I'm very lucky to be able to post on "The Huffington Post." In fact, I'll take this opportunity to thank Rachel Sklar for being responsible for getting me on there. Honestly, I'm really a nobody with a blog. Sure, I have fun things going on in my life and I love writing about them. And who knows where these fun things will take me, if anywhere at all. But I really am in no place to have an impact on society. At least not right now. That's why I wondered whether or not I should bother writing a tribute to NBC's Tim Russert, who passed away suddenly on Friday. (And yes, I cried all weekend, and not because of the wedding.) Who am I, exactly, to go on one of the most popular media/political blogs and talk about how much Tim Russert meant to me when there are so many other people in those industries who not only are successful and noteworthy, but probably actually knew Russert?

I decided to write it. Maybe I'm just a viewer, but I felt the impact of Russert's death in my own way. And maybe there are other mere viewers who feel the same way I do and can't post on HuffPo. So I decided to take this opportunity and posted my tribute.

HuffPo: It Won't Be Sunday Without You, Mr. Russert.

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