Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh yeah, I have a life outside of "Bones."

As much as I love, love, love the show and hated, hated, hated the season finale, I actually have things going on besides "Bones" that I'll be writing about here.

*I'm writing a screenplay that involves seeing friends from 10 years ago and how it affects current friends, and also journalistic hijinx. I'm developing it in a class through the People's Improv Theater taught by former member of "The State" Michael Showalter. Hopefully I will finish it, hopefully it will be sold, hopefully it will be made. I also want to write a play about workplace quirks, but that is just an idea in my head at the moment. But I do want one explosion and a lot of screaming.

*I will be acting in a show created by my best buddy called "PB&J," which will also feature said best buddy and Room 28's Jaime Fernandez, with whom I have been lucky to perform on stage. I've been told I'm wanted back for another show, so I'll keep you posted on that too (they stream their shows online, so anyone can watch).

*It's unlikely that I'll write about "Bones" on Huffington Post again until the next season starts in late August, but I'm sure something will prompt me to write for the site again. (And those of you who are iffy about the political content, I'm not really writing for that scene anymore. It's depressing. At least it is at the moment. Rest assured, my Entertainment posts are completely non-political.)

*Hopefully, I'll get some of my own sketch comedy made soon. I have a bunch of ideas in my head that may or may not be funny, so we'll see.

*And I'm taking acting classes starting next month. I decided to pursue this again because I wanted to find out if I'm really any good. If I am, great! If I'm not, at least I'll know! I'm psyched either way.

If I do something that gets picked up by other blogs, that will also go on here.

Be on the lookout!


Blogger dearbridget said...

This is so exciting! I can't wait to see some of the screenplay. Big-up, Jamie!

4:44 PM  

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