Thursday, June 26, 2008

Burning the candle at both ends and loving it.

So, it's been a wild couple of weeks, and it will likely stay that way through the summer. But it's all good. No class is fun in the beginning (with the exception of Michael Showalter's screenwriting class, which was amazing from Day 1), and that's how the acting class is going, but it's just the beginning of a 10-week adventure into learning how to think with my gut.

But honestly, I'm such a Type A/logical-rationally thinking person that this class makes me feel like I have Asperger's.

Here's my typical week though: Monday through Thursday, drive 35 miles in morning rush hour to work, wait for interesting people to email me all day, drive to a nearby food joint to by dinner to be consumed in transit (eating at a table would be divine) while driving in evening rush hour to Manhattan, park my car in midtown, take the subway to Columbus Circle, swoon at the fact that I'm in Columbus Circle on a summer evening, walk to class, listen to people repeat each other for three hours, take the subway back to my car, drive back home after finally making it through Manhattan, finally crash at about 1:00 AM. Wake up at 6:30 the next day and do it all again!

And I can never seem to just get there and get home. There's always a freaking issue.

Or an idiot leering at me on the subway platform who decides in his mind that the most effective way to start a conversation with a woman after 10:00 PM would be to tell her she reminds him of the Penguin. "From Batman! Ever see that movie? You know, because of the umbrella!" Yeah. Perfect. Recommended to all men. Please, boys, try this. It totally works. So does randomly saying to a woman on the street in a really seedy manner, "Hey baby, looking good..." Lo, my heart hath been overcome.

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