Monday, April 21, 2008

Hopefully these puppets won't scare me.

I'm going to make a confession that could really get me in trouble. It's about my biggest fear, my phobia, if you will. While I don't like heights or enclosed spaces and vomiting freaks me out, nothing scares me more shitless than most kinds of puppets. Yes, puppets. Mainly ventriloquist dummies, on some level marionettes and, after seeing "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" last night, Muppet-type puppets. (not exactly a spoiler, but Jason Segel's character ends up writing a Dracula musical for puppets. Now he and Nick Stoller, the director of the same movie will be taking on the next Muppet movie. I have a close, special kinship with the Muppets, being an American born before 1985, so I'm a little edgy about this. But I liked Jason Segel so very much that I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. As long as there are no dummies involved. ::shiver::

By the way, Jason Segel, as I commented on Huffington Post, I did not have an unfavorable reaction to your face. I like your face.

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