Wednesday, April 16, 2008

OK, I'm really gonna try this now.

Thus far, I've been saving some of my best material for MySpace, which should be a crime. But now that some dust has settled, I'm going to attempt to really write for this blog, make it something worth reading for people, and maybe - maybe - even endow it with a point.

Those of you who came here from the 'Space know that I've been obsessed with the show "Bones" lately. Here's why, and why I'm taking a break (of sorts) from being a news junkie.

I'd been unemployed for about a month since being fired on Valentine's Day by a NYC PR firm that takes its copywriting way too seriously. Naturally, I turned to my old standby for daily entertainment and information, the 24-hour cable news channel that is neither CNN nor Fox News, MSNBC. (You know, the other one.) What happened? I watched it all day. And it's primary season. Between the blogs (including the one on which I post, the Huffington Post) and MSNBC, I was really starting to believe that every word that came out of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and all of their supporters was pure, unadulterated evil, according to the punditocracy as well as Clinton, Obama, and all of their supporters. (John McCain, however, is somehow escaping unscathed. Keep working on that, Dan Abrams.)

After I felt like I was burst a blood vessel one early afternoon, I finally relented and watched the DVDs for the first two seasons of "Bones." And the love affair began. Next thing I know, I'm calling it the most perfect show on television. You will have to follow the link to read for yourself why I feel so strongly.

But I plan on posting a "Bones"-related blog every week, after each episode airs, whether it's new or a rerun, because I like it too much not to. And I like it so much that you need to know about it to, and I will tell you exactly why I like it so much.

I will also be posting a "Bones"-inspired feature called "I don't know what that means," a line said by Emily Deschanel's character more often in the first season, but no so much anymore. Her character, Dr. Temperence Brennan (aka "Bones"), is smart, but kind of unaware of pop culture references. Since I'm a news junkie more than anything, some aspects of pop culture have eluded me. Like I don't know who the hell is at any of the MTV awards shows anymore. And I'm 28, but I guess that's old?

So hopefully this blog won't suck for very long.


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