Monday, March 16, 2009

An attempt at a return! Plus: New Mission

So, I did find one person concerned with my well-being as a result of my absence from Flummoxology. I've been really busy, angsty, etc. lately and just haven't been able to find the time, mostly because when I blog, I go all-out and include links, photos, video and that takes a while to put together.

However, I'm going to try to update this a bit more often now that I'm blogging on a semi-regular basis at "The Huffington Post," and I noticed that I have a "follower." (Thanks, by the way!)

I'm still writing about "Bones" and continue to be the show's Number 1 Unofficial HuffPo PR Lady. I'm getting back into film and television and am now officially bent on becoming a writer for "Saturday Night Live." It's been a dream of mine since I was a teenager, and I honestly can't see myself doing anything else right now. I'm going to start posting sketches here and on HuffPo if they're good. Who knows? I could probably swing performing on that show one day too!

One thing I'm working on is a "vlog" series and I have a couple of sketches I really want to shoot soon. I've been dying to start a site called "Do I Look Fat in These Shorts?" and just post what I've shot and written.

But basically, I'm getting the feeling that I'm becoming a bit more visible these days and it looks bad to have a blog that hasn't been updated in months.

My next HuffPo piece is going to be an open letter to Andy Samberg, who will be hosting the MTV Movie Awards this year, which means I'm going to watch for the first time since Jimmy Fallon hosted. I think. I can't even remember. But Samberg and his Lonely Island buddies, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Shaffer are such a wicked team and now everyone with basic cable is going to know who they are. (They got their big break writing for Jimmy Fallon's hosting gig - the last time I watched. They are truly magic.)

I hope everyone enjoys this journey with me!

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