Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's morning in America.

President-Elect Barack Obama.

I really like it. And come January 20th, I'll like President Obama even more. An amazing late birthday present.

Before I talk about the unbelievable victory of Barack Obama, Wendy Young of Obsessed With Bones and my Zacksplanation partner in crime (and a mommy to be!) was kind enough to overlook our political differences and give me my first ever blogging award!

Thanks so much Wendy, and I also hope that more joint projects are in store, Bones-related or not!

I'm going to gush now, if that's cool.

I spent the evening in Brooklyn, first at my friend Pete's apartment then the bunch of us headed over to find a bar that wasn't filled to capacity. We ended up at Union Hall, and had to wait, but it was worth it. What an amazing night.

As I got drinks for us (Paul's treat, God bless him), they called Ohio for Obama. A HUGE win. That was when I started feeling optimistic, an upgrade from cautiously optimistic. When he hit 200 electoral votes, it was even better. You could feel the energy of Union Hall swelling. It was looking good.

And then it exploded.

Union Hall screamed - the west coast polls had closed, and they were calling the election for Barack Obama.

"NBC News projects that Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States."

The electoral votes just kept pouring in - a landslide.

I screamed my voice away. It still hurts. I feel like it must have been a dream. We didn't even want to leave the bar in fear that it might not be real on the outside. But it was. People were still screaming in Brooklyn. Honking their horns. Singing the "Star-Spangled Banner" from a balcony.

I'll never forget Election Night 2008 or the feeling that's lasted into the following day. I'm not even upset about getting to sleep at 3:30 AM, only to wake up in just under three hours. I'll sleep well tonight, and probably for the next four years at least.

Just wow.

But California, Arizona and Florida voters should be ashamed of themselves for voting to ban gay marriage. California especially. Your own governor voted against it. It was a clear ploy by bigoted religious extremists to play politics with love. How dare you. Words cannot tell you how angry I am.

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Blogger Joy_Booth said...

I totally agree with that! I love that Barack Obama won! I've been following him since April of last year when he FIRST announced he'd be running and then on Election Night, I stayed up and when I heard them give the election to him, I tried REALLY hard not to scream. I was so thrilled! And then, I started crying. I just couldn't believe it was really happening, you know? It was kind of like a dream.

I can't wait to hear his speech in January. I'm curious to see what kinds of things he talks about.

By the way, you said that it'd be a late birthday present...When's your birthday?

7:35 AM  

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